Goals, Objectives, & Outcomes

Objectives and Outcomes for Goal #1
GOAL #1: To provide a curriculum that balances basic sciences, clinical sciences, and supervised clinical experiences in a manner that prepares graduates with a solid foundation upon which to begin their career in medicine
Objectives Outcomes
A PANCE first-time taker pass rate that is > 90% The class of December 2020 had a PANCE first-time taker pass rate of 94%
All graduates will eventually pass the PANCE, though up to 10% will need more than one attempt to do so All 2020 graduates (100%) have passed the PANCE
An attrition rate of less than 10%, based upon an average of the past five-years Over the past five-years (class of 2017-2021), there is an 2.7% attrition rate
An employment rate for graduates will be 95% at six-months after graduation The class of 2019 had a 100% employment rate at six-months after graduation
Objectives and Outcomes for Goal #2
GOAL #2: To promote and demonstrate resiliency and professional practice that is patient-centered primary care in focus, culturally competent, interprofessional in approach, and service oriented
Objectives Outcomes
The didactic curriculum will be primary care focused The didactic curriculum focuses on primary care within the following courses:
  • Pediatric Medicine
  • Values and Ethics in Medicine
  • Clinical Medicine I
  • Clinical Medicine II
  • Clinical Medicine III

In addition, all specialty topics (neurology, cardiology, orthopedics, etc.) are geared towards competence in those topics from a primary care standpoint

The supervised clinical experiences will be primary care focused Fifty percent of the forty weeks of supervised clinical experiences are in primary care:
  • Family Medicine (4 weeks)
  • Primary Care (4 weeks)
  • Internal Medicine (8 weeks)
  • Pediatric Medicine (4 weeks)
Cultural humility in patient care will be emphasized throughout the Program Cultural humility is emphasized throughout the Program, specifically at the Student Engaged Medical Clinic and with activities such as the "Building Cultural Humility Workshop".
Students will be engaged in multiple, varied inter-professional activities within the curriculum Students complete IPE activities/events with students in the following disciplines:
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Athletic Training
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Audiology
  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Dietetics
Students will be encouraged to participate in service-oriented volunteerism, mostly via the JMU Physician Assistant Student Society (PASS) Students within the JMU Physician Assistant Student Society (PASS) engage in service oriented volunteerism through events such as:
  • Annual PA Gala fundraiser to benefit the Blue Ridge Free Clinic
  • Blood drive for Virginia Blood Services
  • Participation with "Operation Christmas Child"
  • Annual health fair at Stonespring Elementary School
  • Blood pressure screenings at the Harrisonburg Farmer's Market