Why Choose HSA at JMU?

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  • "I did not originally start out an HSA major when I came to JMU but happened upon it as a back up plan for Pre-Physical Therapy. Now that I have taken many classes in HSA it has changed my mind about going to PT school and I strive to be a health care executive some day. The classes and faculty are both interesting and challenging providing enough difficulty to challenge students while still keeping their interest. All I can say about the HSA program is that it has definitely captivated me and gave me a professional goal for my future."

    Lucus Buchholz, student

  • "Health Services Administration at JMU contains the perfect blend of courses to learn about the many facets of the health care industry, in addition to the core business background that managers need for success. I know that when I graduate, I will be fully prepared to take on whatever health administration job comes my way."

    Allison Rossi, student

  • "HSA provides me with an outlet to express both my caring nature for people and patients as well as my leadership skills. I have learned numerous lessons both inside and outside of the classroom that will follow me throughout my professional and personal life. This up and coming field of study will prove to be very beneficial in the near future as the US Health Care System is continually evolving."

    Ashley Sumner, student

  • "The Health Services Administration Program at JMU was influential in laying the foundation of knowledge I needed to succeed in graduate school. With its strong healthcare management focus and in depth coverage of the healthcare field, the education I gained while at JMU has allowed me to begin at a far more advanced level than most others in my class."

    Jared Hanlon, alumni

  • "The challenging Health Services Administration curriculum put me at a great advantage entering my first year of graduate school. The strong healthcare background incorporated with the business courses has allowed me to excel."

    Eric Dalton, alumni

  • "I was really keen about doing something in the health care industry and when my friend explained to me what her major was(HSA), I started looking into it. As I started taking some of the courses, I felt like this is what I wanted to do. I was also really curious about how the health care industry in the US worked, as I was completely new to it."

    Maria Kurian, student

  • "The HSA program at JMU has made me realize that the job possibilities are endless. I had no idea of the expansiveness of a program like this upon entering it. I have received a phenomenal education and could not be more excited about entering the job market, especially because I feel so confident in the education I have received."

    Quan Phan, student

  • "I learned that there is a great need for good administrators in health care. With the rise of managed care, the elderly, ethical issues, quality, etc. there is a great need for people that have a passion for helping people that understand the healthcare system. All of the classes taught me a lot, and I also met a lot of great people."

    Jessica Martello, student

  • "JMU's HSA program has provided me with the business and healthcare knowledge I need to be successful in my future health administration role."

    Nicole Bascope, student

  • "I learned that the U.S. healthcare system is, at this point, a set of disconnected care (and payment) systems and it will take a working knowledge of all systems to be a healthcare administrator."

    Lindsay Agricola, student

  • "I think the Managed Care class was especially valuable because it is a topic that has so many misconceptions surrounding it. I also liked the Health Care Quality class because that is the main purpose of health care."

    Sara Perron, student

  • "The HSA program has definitely prepared its students for teamwork projects and has made us more knowledgeable concerning the inner workings of the organizations affecting the healthcare industry."

    Sara Lothrop, student

Health Services Administration at JMU

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JMU offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a Major in Health Services Administration coupled with a General Business Minor. The program prepares students for entry-level administrative positions, and staff positions requiring administrative skills, in various health settings including hospitals, hospital systems, managed care organizations, retirement and long-term care facilities, ambulatory care organizations, physician practices, and public health facilities. In addition, the program provides a solid foundation for graduate study in health administration and related fields. The Health Services Administration program is a fully certified undergraduate program by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration.

More About This Field of Study

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The profession of health administration is key to meeting the health and medical needs of the public. Health services administrators plan, organize, direct, and control health facilities and programs making critical staffing, budgetary, and service decisions in support of patient care. They work closely with direct providers of care who work in their organizations, such as nurses, physicians, and other clinical and technical staff, to assure quality patient care. To effectively carry out the role of health administrator, successful individuals must have a strong desire to be in the helping profession, possess a good understanding of health services and reimbursement programs, have excellent interpersonal skills, and be able to apply business skills such as finance, marketing, accounting, and management.