Master's Degree in Athletic Training Curriculum

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Plan of Study:

The M.S. in Athletic Training is a two year, six semester, non-thesis curriculum delivered in a cohort model of full-time students

Year One

Year One Summer Year One Fall Year One Spring

ATEP 511 Foundations of Athletic Training (3)

ATEP 525 Lower Extremity Orthopedic Examination (3)

ATEP 526 Therapeutic Interventions I (3)

ATEP 520 Pre-Season Clinical Education Experience I (1)

ATEP 512 Emergency Management of Injuries & Illnesses (3)

ATEP 535 Upper Extremity Orthopedic Examination (3)

ATEP 536 Therapeutic Interventions II (3)

ATEP 521 Clinical I: Psychosocial Concepts and Cultural Sensitivity (3 credits)

ATEP 613 Clinical Applications of Human Gross Anatomy (5)

ATEP 624 General Medicine for the Athletic Trainer Part I (3)

ATEP 646 Therapeutic Interventions III (3 credits)

ATEP 632 Clinical II: Nutrition & Exercise (3 credits)

9-10 credits 12 credits 14 credts

Year Two

Year Two Summer Year Two Fall Year Two Spring

ATEP 647 Evidence Based Practice in Athletic Training (3)

ATEP 660 Administration in Athletic Training (3)

ATEP 652 Pre-Season Clinical Education Experience II (1)

ATEP 634 General Medicine for the Athletic Trainer Part II (3)

ATEP 653 Clinical III: Professional Development (6)

ATEP 664 Clinical IV: Transition to Practice (6)

ATEP 657 Applications in Evidence Based Practice (1)

ATEP 645 Hip, Pelvis and Spine Orthopedic Examination & Rehabilitation (2)

7 credits 9 credits 9 credits

Total Credit Hours 60-61